UNSA Elections


WE the students of the University of Nairobi desiring to constitute ourselves as an association to secure for ourselves and our posterity academic freedom, excellence, liberty and our welfare, HUMBLY submitting to God and recognizing our responsibility before Him, humanity and to ourselves,  HONOURING the selfless efforts, drawbacks and successes of the founding and succeeding members, PROUD of the diversity of backgrounds and cultures of members, united by a common purpose and aspirations, GUIDED by the national values and principles of governance, principles of leadership and integrity and general principles of elections as spelt out in Articles 10,81 and Chapter 6 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, GUIDED by reason, courtesy, and genuine search of all virtues to live in comradeship, peace and to develop wholesome collaboration with other student bodies, persons, institutions and all who believe in the ideals of justice, equality and truth, RECOGNISING the supreme authority of the University Council and Senate under the Universities Act, No. 42 of 2012(as amended in 2016), Laws of Kenya, the University of Nairobi Charter 2013, University of Nairobi Statutes, Rules and Regulations Governing Conduct and Discipline of Students made there under.ADOPT, ENACT and give this Constitution to ourselves and future students of the University of Nairobi.GOD BLESS THE UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI!

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