UNSA Elections

The UNSA Independent Electoral Commission is established under Article 13 of the UNSA Constitution 2017 to inter alia undertake   students’ elections on a regular basis in accordance with the aims, objectives and guiding principles in the   Constitution and Rules and Regulations Governing Students’ Elections, 2017.

In undertaking its  functions under  the  Constitution and in preparation  of   the  Wednesday November 18th, 2020 online elections, the Commission  deems it  fit   that  a preparatory  online  mock election  be  conducted. Towards this endeavor, the duties of all students who are members of the Association include active participation in the electoral and other activities of the Association and to ensure that the Association complies with the Constitution, relevant laws, regulations and good governance practices.

The  Commission now  calls  on all students who are members of the Association to  participate  in  the  scheduled  online mock election  to be held on Monday  November 16th, 2020  from 8.00 a.m. to 5.00  p.m. across all Electoral Colleges in the University.  To access the UNSA 2020 election platform and for the online mock election, all students are required to log onto www.eballot.uonbi.ac.ke and actively participate in the scheduled mock elections exercise.

Note: The Commission may make necessary clarifications and corrections from time to time during the election process.