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Degree Code:d61
Degree Type:MASTERS
Degree Duration:


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Level : 1
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
DAC501 Financial Accounting45View Description
DAC502 Public Sector Accounting45View Description
DAC504 Taxation45View Description
DAC505 Principles Of Auditing45View Description
DAC601 Advanced Financial Accounting45View Description
DAC602 Internetional Accounting45View Description
DAC603 Advanced Management Accounting45View Description
DAC604 Advanced Taxation45View Description
DAC605 Advanced Auditing45View Description
DAC606 Advanced Accounting Seminar45View Description
DFI502 Capital Budgeting45View Description
DFI503 Financial Institutions And Markets45View Description
DFI505 Financial Economics45View Description
DFI601 Corporate Finance45View Description
DFI602 Investment And Portfolio Management45View Description
DFI603 Management Of Financial Institutions45View Description
DFI604 International Financial Management45View Description
DFI605 Financial Seminar45View Description
DHR502 Procurement Of Human Resources45View Description
DHR503 Human Resource Development45View Description
DHR601 Compensation45View Description
DHR602 Employment Ralations45View Description
DHR603 Public Relations45View Description
DHR604 Human Resources Seminar45View Description
DIB501 Managerial Economics45View Description
DIB503 International Business Environment45View Description
DIB504 International Business45View Description
DIB505 International Economics And Trade45View Description
DIB601 Managing Across Cultures45View Description
DIB602 International Financial Markets45View Description
DIB603 Global Marketing Strategy45View Description
DIB604 International Managerial Finance45View Description
DIB605 International Business Seminar45View Description
DIN501 Risks And Insurance45View Description
DIN502 Legal Aspects Of Insurance45View Description
DIN503 Personal Insurance45View Description
DIN504 Individual Life Assurance45View Description
DIN601 Group Insurance45View Description
DIN602 Pension Schemes45View Description
DIN605 Insurance Seminar45View Description
DIS501 Introduction To Management Info System45View Description
DIS502 Information Systems Analysis And Design45View Description
DIS503 Information Systems Management45View Description
DIS504 Database Systems45View Description
DIS601 Management Information Systems45View Description
DIS602 Decision Supportand Expert Systems45View Description
DIS603 Distributed Systems45View Description
DIS605 Management Information Systems Seminar45View Description
DMA501 Marketing Management45View Description
DMA502 Strategic Marketing45View Description
DMA503 Consumer Behaviour45View Description
DMA504 Sales Management45View Description
DMA505 Social Marketing45View Description
DMA506 Marketing Of Services45View Description
DMA507 Distribution Channels Management45View Description
DMA601 International Marketing45View Description
DMA602 Marketing Communications45View Description
DMA604 Marketing Research And Information Systems45View Description
DMA605 Industrial Marketing45View Description
DMA606 Marketing Seminar45View Description
DOM501 Quantitative Analysis45View Description
DOM503 Operations Research45View Description
DOM504 Forecasting45View Description
DOM505 Multivariate Statistics45View Description
DOM506 Production And Operations Management45View Description
DOM601 Simulations And Heuristics45View Description
DOM602 Project Management45View Description
DOM604 Total Quality Management45View Description
DSM501 Management Practice45View Description
DSM504 Leadership And Organization Behaviour45View Description
DSM506 Organization Development And Change45View Description
DSM508 Enterpreneurship45View Description
DSM602 Global Strategic Management45View Description
DSM603 Tools/techniques Of Strategic Management45View Description
DSM606 Management Of Small Business45View Description
DSM608 Advanced Strategic Management45View Description
DSM610 Management Of Strategic Change45View Description
DSM611 Strategic Management Seminar45View Description
DSM612 Business And Society45View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
DFI501 Financial Management45View Description
DHR501 Human Resource Management45View Description
DMA607 Brand Management45View Description
DOM502 Research Methods45View Description
DOM606 Operations Management Seminar45View Description
DSM601 Strategic Management45View Description
Level : 2
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
DAC503 Management Accounting45View Description
DSM601 Strategic Management45View Description


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Assistant Coordinator

Dr. Mose Aranga

Assistant Coordinator

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